Sifu Zachy Shohat

Sifu Zachy Shohat Began studying his martial arts in 1982 at the age of 10.
In his early years he studied Japanese martial arts,  at the age of 17, he began to study a combination of Karate and Kung Fu styles. Later he began studying Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. At the age of 21, after serving the army, and as a natural step for him, he began to teach. At 24, he realized that his great desire is to learn a traditional complete system of kung fu.

In 1996, Zachy got interested with the method of White Crane kung fu system (Pak Hok Pai) and decided to fly to New-York, hoping to find it there. Indeed, he happened to find the Pak Hok Pai school of sifu Ton Fai Chan. He enrolled the school, and started learning every thing from start, without a second thought. He joined the regular classes and also studied privately from the master. Not long after, and after he was found worthy, he received the authorization of his sifu, to open a school, and to teach the system in, In 1998 the first Israeli Pai Hok Pai school was opened by him.

In 2002, sifu Ton Fai Chan sent zachy to learn Pak Hok  from his kung fu brother, Sifu Cheung Kwok Wah in Hong Kong. Sifu Cheung Kwok Wha, is now his official master, which he visit every year with his students, to lean and to be part of a long last tradition.

For zachy shohat, the martial art was a self-discovery tool right from his childhood beginning, and not just as a form of self-defense and martial ability. For him it was then, as today, a way for internal understandings about the nature of man. He always looked at what motivates him to go through this special way, and doubts about it, were an integral part of his everyday training. These doubts led him to understand that by these training, he has been doing all his life, he fulfills himself and his nature. Martial art for him is a way to know life, to learn, to open the mind, and to get enjoyment. He sees the fighting in the art as a tool in which all internal insights are expressed in acts of extreme situation, so the body and mind should be united to survive.
As an integral part of the art, both as a long extensive tradition of Pak Hok Pai system, and a holistic personal perspective about him self, Zachy is practicing an energetic healing method. By the years 2006-2007, he studied privately from Anati Tepller, a Medical Qigong – The Internal Work Of The Eight Directions And Lotus Flower (Mandarin – Ba Gwa Lien Hua Nei Gong). He also specialized with An Mo – Chinese orthopedic massage, and Orthopedic Dry Needling.
He treat people in his clinic in the White Crane Center.