About White Crane Center

White Crane Center was established in 1998 by Sifu Zachy Shohat, who is the representative of Cheung Kwok Wah International Pak Hok Pai Martial Art Association located in Hong Kong.

The center is home for people who wish to learn the wonderful Chinese arts of:
*Pak Hok Pai – White Crane System.
*Min Loi Chum Sau – Cotton In The Needle Hand (resembling Tai Chi Chuan).
*Chi Kung and meditation.
*Healing Chi Kung Course.
*Traditional Lion Dance.

We have students of 8 years old and above 80 yesrs old.
They are practicing this arts to get a healthy, confident, meaningful life, and by that also keeping the Pak Hok Pai alive in Israel.
You are welcome to take a tour in our website and learn about us and Pak Hok Pai (White Crane System).