Chi Kung And Meditation

 Chi Kung Is a Chinese practice that combines proper body movement, mind and breathing, and contributes to the body's healthy functioning, vitality, clear consciousness, relaxation and spiritual cultivation.

The concept of Chi Kung consists of two words:

  1. Chi :
    Is Consists of two bookmarks:
    气 – Steam
    米- rice brewing
    The two bookmarks together show the idea of steam rising from rice slowly brewing.
    As a concept related to human life, Chi is – air, breath, spirit, energy of existence, ether. 
  1. Kung : means continuous work, labor, skill, excellence, efficiency, function, effort.

The concept of Chi Kung 氣功 is:
Working or practicing with the air, breath, and energy of existence.

The purpose of chi kung practice is to bring harmony between body, mind and breathing, to move the energy in the body, to alow self-awareness and to connect to nature – or Dao.

There are five types of Chi Kung practice:
1. Health – a practice that includes basic techniques that combine stretching, poses and simple movements as to stimulate energy and blood in the body, releasing the joints, stretching the muscles and tendons, thus maintaining the health and vitality of the body.

2. Spiritual Cultivation – a practice that concentrates on understanding the energetic structure of man and nature. Its goal is to unite them, and to bring one to self-realization by energy and spiritual transformation. This practice is also called Nei Gong/Kung – Inner work.

3. Medical – divided into two types: Practice: In this type there is a combination between the health practice and the spiritual-spiritual. It includes exercises in which there are very complex and challenging body and mind techniques related to the human energetic structure. This combination creates a deep healing in body and soul. Treatment: This is a unique branch of Chinese medicine, where a therapist treats the patient when he is on a bed and usually performs energetic work that heal him – body, mind and energy (read more).

4. Fighting – a martial arts division that combines in addition to all the basic elements of Chi Kung, work with high muscle tone. At its core is the connection between power of breathing and the inner intention with the strength of the muscles, in order to develop inner and physical strength.

5. Sorcery – This is a mystical and esoteric branch with use of words and sounds in order to create an energetic movement in space, either for healing and energetic purification or for "harm".

The first four types are being learned in White Crane Center. We concentrate on the inner work (nei gong/kung) of Chi Kung, driven from the first two types. We

 also have a special course for training Healing Chi Kung Therapists: Lotus Flower – Medical Chi Kung.

As integral part of the Chi Kung practice in our center, we also have meditations that complete the inner work and self-awareness. Our meditation is based on birthing, energetic centers and imagination.